Startup Windows 7 Withouth Animation

Wish you could start Windows 7 Media Center without the startup animation, in media only mode or without the shutdown options? Missing Remote has the details on some undocumented startup switches that will allow you to do that and more. Windows 7 Media Center comes packed with a number of ways to start up your Media Center experience just the way you want.

Here’s the list of switches provided by Andrew Cherry and Missing Remote:

  • /nostartupanimation – disables the startup animation
  • /noshutdownui – removes the shutdown item from Tasks
  • /mediamode – start in “media only mode” with no minimize/close buttons
  • /widescreen – force widescreen mode
  • /nochrome – launch windowed mode without the containing window
  • /playallmusic – Play all music at startup
  • /playfavmusic – Play favorite music at startup
  • /playfavslideshow – Play favorite slideshow at startup
  • /playfavslideshowwithmusic – Same as above with music
  • /playslideshow – Play all slideshows
  • /playslideshowwithmusic – Same as above with music
  • /screensaver – Start media center in screensaver mode
  • /configuress – Start media center at configuring screen saver menu

To enable these switches, right click the Media Center shortcut you’d like to modify and enter the switches you’d like to enable in the target input box.

Multiple switches can be enabled by entering multiple switches separated with a space in the target input. Now launching your Windows 7 Media Center through this particular shortcut will open the program just the way you like.

That’s all there is to modifying your Media Center shortcuts. We’ll be covering even more customization in the future so be sure to subscribe to Hack7MC!


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